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Psychologist, Neurofeedback Therapist, Bioresonance Therapist

Prof. Dr. Jasna Bajraktarević

“We truly become satisfied with our lives, when we love ourselves, in those moments in childhood when we felt miserable, rejected, unaccepted, alone, unloved and unsuccessful. This is the process, this is the core of the therapy and the only way to the true success of every human being - reconciliation with all the faces of one I. "


2001. Faculty of Philosophy Sarajevo – Personality Psychology –

“Personality dimensions and style of behavior of active participants in sports”

1999. Faculty of Philosophy Novi Sad – Personality Psychology

“Prediction of athlete success based on key personality dimensions – aggression, inferiority, superiority, morality and anxiety.”

1995. Faculty of Philosophy Novi Sad, Department of Psychology

Prof. dr. Jasna Bajraktarević

The path to true self-acceptance and self-love begins by renovating the burned bridges of the past that take us back in time and to the places we escaped from.
Only when we return and face what we were runing from, will we realize that this pain has shaped us and that thanks to it, we have activated the best in us and become the most that we could.

Teaching engagement

  • Faculty of Education (2009 – …)
    Full professor of Psychology of Education, Communication Skills, Educational Psychology, Mental Health, Developmental Psychology and General Psychology
    Academy of Performing Arts (2013 – …)
    Lecturer in General Psychology with Art Psychology
  • Faculty of Political Science (2008 – 2015)
  • Professor of Social Gerontology and General Psychology with Developmental Studies in the first cycle of studies and Psychology in the second cycle of studies
    Assistant Professor of Social Psychology
  • Faculty of Sports and Physical Education (2003 – 2015)
  • Professor of Psychology of Sport, Stress Management, Psychology of Communication and Psychology of Management
  • Lecturer at the Postgraduate Study – Kinesiology module
    Faculty of Philosophy (2002 – 2008)
  • Professor of Pedagogical Psychology at the Department of Pedagogy
  • Lecturer at the Postgraduate Study “Development of pedagogical activity in the process of school reform” in the modules Social Psychology and Methodology of Psychological Research
  • Professor of Psychological Research Methodology, Social Psychology and Entrusted Teaching Motivation and Emotions, Psychology of Sport and Psychology of Communication
  • Professor of General Psychology and Social Psychology at the Department of Philosophy and Sociology
  • Lecturer at the Postgraduate Study of the Department of Psychology
    Faculty of Public Administration (2006 – 2007)
  • Professor of Business and Official Communication
  • Faculty of Teacher Education (2005-2012)
    • Lecturer in postgraduate studies in the module Communication
    • Professor of Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Social Psychology, Learning Psychology, Psychological Research Methodology, History of Psychology
  • Faculty of Philosophy (2007 – 2013)
    • Professor of Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, Multivariate Analysis and Cognitive Psychology
  • Faculty of Kinesiology (2009 – 2011)
    • Professor of the subject Psychology of Sport
    • Professor in the master's program for the subject Psychology of the Educational Process
  • Faculty of Management and Business Economics (2007 – 2017)
    • Head of the Business Psychology study department
    • Professor of Management Psychology
    • Professor of Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior and Psychology of Management
  • Faculty of Physical Education (1995 – 1999)
    • Assistant in General Psychology and Sports Psychology

Life brings a lot more problems to strong people than to others. Is it justice that they become stronger or is it injustice that some people will never become strong enough to endure what they would have to endure?

Extracurricular engagement



2021. -

Bioresonance therapist - Quantum Bioresonance 3D NLS Analysis and Treatment MEDICOMAT Non Linear System

2020. -

Bicom bioresonance therapist


Founder of the Association for Psychological Consulting ''Neurofeedback centar''

2018. -

Neurofeedback-EEG-Biofeedback Therapist


Founder of the psychological counseling center "PsychoPractice" Sarajevo

2012 – 2013.

Vice President of the Assembly of BC "BOSNA"


Certified lecturer of the BiH Civil Service Agency

2010 –2013.

Sports psychologist in BC „BOSNA ASA BH TELEKOM"

2010 –2013.

President of the Management Board of JU TZ "KAMPUS" Rakovica Sarajevo


Lecturer at seminars of the Qualitas Agency and the Faculty of Public Administration Sarajevo


Lecturer at the seminars of the Center for Education of Judges and Prosecutors


Expert associate of the Basketball Association of Croatian coaches

2007. - 2009

Member of the Working Group for the preparation of the BiH Report on the Implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH

2007. - 2009

RAP - Regional Advisory Commission - Mostar Banja Luka Sarajevo organized by RAK BIH

2007. - 2009

Member of the Working Group for the content of the DTT Forum at the CRA for the introduction of digital television in BiH

2007. - 2009

Expert Advisor for Psychological Analysis and Application of Program Standards in the CRA for Socio-Psychological Research in the Field of Communication and Media


Founder of the family and marital psychological counseling center "TEENSA 2001" in Sarajevo


Sports psychologist TC "TEENSA 2001" Sarajevo


Sports psychologist in NK »ŽELJEZNIČAR« KK »BOSNA« TK »TENNIS PRO« TK »TENNSA 2001« and in FK »BUBAMARA«

1999. - 2005

Licensed lecturer in the field of sports psychology in the UEFA coach education program

1999. - 2005

Psychologist in TC "Triumph" from Novi Sad and TC "Novi Sad"

1999. - 2005

Psychologist of the Yugoslavia  volleyball team in preparation for the 1998 World Cup in Japan (won a silver medal)

1999. - 2005

Psychologist of the table tennis national team of Yugoslavia, 1998/1999 season

1999. - 2005

Psychologist in RK "Jugović" Kać KK "Vojvodina" from Novi Sad and HK "Vojvodina" from Novi Sad

prof. dr. Jasna Bajraktarevic

In every conflict you have with one person, don't forget that your parents are sitting on your shoulders, on the shoulders of the person across from you, his/her parents, on your parents' shoulders, theirs and so on indefinitely, because we enter the conflict with all those emotions, attitudes and prejudices that were created for us while growing up and which determined us and our choices in life.

Seminars and workshops - as lecturer






Danger of long-term stress on the body

Pfizer BIH d.o.o. Sarajevo

Psychosomatic influence of stress on the organism

MEDIS Sarajevo Jahorina

Psychosomatic influence of stress on the organism

DDC Multilingual Solution Sarajevo

Psychological and physical symptoms of stress

Philip Morris BH d.o.o Sarajevo

Stress-burnout at work-mobbing

KPMG Sarajevo Sarajevo
26.05.2021. EDUVISION Slovenija

Association of Journalists


Stress during COVID and what to do to overcome it

OSCE BiH Sarajevo

Anti-stress program

Ekonomski fakultet Sarajevo Sarajevo

Psychology in everyday life

MyLan Jahorina

Psychopathology of everyday life Dom mladih

Skenderija Sarajevo

Be a better version of yourself

Phoenix Pharma Jahorina

The challenges of growing up

Gimnazija SSST Sarajevo

Stress management

ArcelorMittal Zenica Zenica

Stress relief techniques-a review of Neurofeedback training

Medis InVent Sarajevo Sarajevo

Psychopathology of everyday life

UNIQA Osiguranje Jahorina

Social interaction in the business environment

ComTrade Sarajevo


Udruženje učitelja Kantona Sarajevo Neum

Business communication

MEDIS Dubrovnik

Psychology in education

Udruženje učitelja Kantona Sarajevo Dubrovnik

Business communication

Masterclass MEDIS Budimpešta


MEDIS Jahorina

Business consulting

Konzum Jahorina

Business Communication Institute of Internal Auditors

Škola internih revizora Sarajevo

Business consulting

Grawe group

Business communication

Institut internih revizora Sarajevo

Stress burnout at work mobbing

Centar za edukaciju sudija i tužilaca Sarajevo

Psychology of the educational process

Ministarstvo obrazovanja nauke i sporta Kantona Sarajevo Makarska

Business communication

REVSAR Dubrovnik

Business communication

Institut internih revizora Sarajevo

Business communication

Institut internih revizora Sarajevo
24.i 31.10.2013.

Communication in crisis situations

Granična policija Sarajevo

Psychology of success in the world of entrepreneurship CEO CONFERENCE

Ekonomski fakultet Sarajevo

Business communication

Institut internih revizora Cavtat
25.02.2013. TEDx Sarajevo

Business communication

Institut internih revizora Sarajevo

Communication in healthcare

Institut za naučnoistraživački rad i razvoj KCUS-a Sarajevo

Communication in healthcare


Psychological aspect of communication

AKAZ Klinički centar Zenica

Psychological aspect of communication

AKAZ Klinički centar Univerziteta u Sarajevu
Maj 2011.

Education of public administration employees

ADS – Agencija za državnu službu

Psychological preparation of basketball players and coaches

III Međunarodni seminar Uloga sporta u očuvanju zdravlja Vlašić

Psychological aspects of assistance to witnesses and witnesses-victims in war crimes cases

Treće stručno savetovanje tužilaca u BIH Neum

Communication with parties in public administration

Seminar u organizaciji Fakulteta za javnu upravu Sarajevo Dubrovnik

Analysis of police responsibility

Forum glasnogovornika agencija za provođenje zakona: “Struktuiranje i profilizacija PR aktivnosti u policiji” AquaReumal Fojnica
16-18.10.2009. II Međunarodni seminar “Uloga sporta u očuvanju zdravlja” Vlašić
21.10.2009. Drugo stručno savetovanje tužilaca Federacije Bosne I Hercegovine Neum

Psychological aspect of training

Seminar KK KOŠ Sarajevo

Communication between administrative bodies and parties in administrative proceedings

FJU Dubrovnik

Communication between administrative bodies and parties in administrative proceedings

Privredna komora FJU Sarajevo

Success in sports

Međunarodni seminar Udruge košarkaških trenera Hrvatske Poreč

A Guide to Basketball Coaches

Međunarodni seminar Udruge košarkaških trenera Hrvatske Poreč

Seminar for basketball coaches

Košarkaški savez BIH Sarajevo
19.- 21.11.2008.

Mobbing stress and communication

Fakultet za javnu upravu – FJU Neum

Seminar - Fundamentals of training theory

Psihološka priprema

Business communication in the public sector

FJU Neum Sarajevo
27.-30.06. 2007.

Motivation in sports

Međunarodni seminar Udruge košarkaških trenera Hrvatske Poreč

Psychological preparation of players

Međunarodni seminar Udruge košarkaških trenera Hrvatske Poreč

Seminar for judges and prosecutors on the topic of children as witnesses and their statements

Vijeće Evrope i CIDA Sarajevo

Stress Management

Agencija Qualitas Zenica

Communication in case law

Centar za edukaciju sudija i tužioca Sarajevo

Stress and ways to deal with it

Centar za edukaciju sudija i tužioca Sarajevo

Stress management techniques

Seminar u organizaciji Fakulteta za javnu upravu Sarajevo Sarajevo

Efficient administrative employee in public administration

Seminar u organizaciji Fakulteta za javnu upravu Sarajevo Sarajevo

Business conduct in administration

Agencija Qualitas Neum

My generation was raised up with fear and anxiety: "Don't go deep, you will drown, don't come back late, someone will kidnap you, don't drive fast - you will die". We do the same to our children, the only difference is that our fears and anxieties have made us better, and our children are led to certain loneliness, feelings of rejection and depression. Let’s change the rhetoric until it’s too late.