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Educational treatments are used to evaluate, treat and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. Educational assessment refers to a comprehensive assessment of a child’s physical, cognitive, communication, emotional and social developmental capacities, on the basis of which further programs are encouraged to encourage their development.


  • Behavioral problems
  • Encourage attention in learning
  • Help with learning difficulties
  • Assistance in cognitive development
  • Assistance in motor development
  • Assistance in socio-emotional development
  • Speech / communication assistance
  • Individual educational work and speech-language rehabilitation of children with and without developmental difficulties according to the principle of application of behavioral therapy


Sensory integration is a process that involves receiving information from our senses, interpreting them, and receiving responses accordingly.
Sensory integration is a process during which sensory or sensory information comes to the brain from our senses, for movement, sight, hearing, smell, touch … through the cerebral nerves, then processed so that we give them meaning and then we can respond to them activity.

Working hours

If you feel you need this therapy, here we are:

  • Monday-Friday: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Weekend: Closed
Prof. dr. Jasna Bajraktarevic

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