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Graduate professor of pedagogy

Mirha Devedžija

Certificates and seminars

  • Certificate “Certified training for registered technical behavior”
  • Applied behavior analysis certificate
  • ABA AND LANGUAGE certificate
  • ABA IN CLASSROOM certificate
  • Certificate of attending the seminar “Observation and multidisciplinary practical training in the treatment of children with autism spectrum”
  • Certificate “Diagnostic approaches and early intervention”
  • Certificate “Early signs of autism-prevention and intervention”
  • Certificate of mastery of professional “Practical principles for children with a professional training program for dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia”
  • Certificate of mastering the program “Early development of children with disabilities in professional development – practical approaches, encouragement and monitoring”
  • Certificate of mastery of the program of professional “practical principles for children with autism and training A2H2”
  • Seminar “International Seminar on Pediatric Psychiatry”
  • Seminar “Caring for children with learning disabilities at home”
  • Seminar “Nancy Center-Conflict, Management and Peaceful Conflict Resolution”
  • Project Hope seminar with topics: “Autism, Early Rehabilitation, Society and Disability”
  • Seminar “Early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children at risk”
  • Professional development Ministry of Education and Science educational-pedagogical institute-professional training of teachers / pedagogues, prof. Pedagogy and psychology, prof. Pedagogue and graduate psychologists