Children and Youth

  • Consultations, advices and problems solving for children and youth with different developmental questions.
  • Children and youth support and understanding emotional questions
  • Practicing anxiety management skills
  • Parent psychoeducation
  • Counselling and therapy support for children, adolescents and family
  • Social skill training for children and adolescents
  • Attention training
  • Individual behavioural intervention programs for children and adolescents
  • Learning efficiency improvement program



  • Feeling overwhelmed, inability to deal with problems, excessive worry and difficulties in controlling feelings of worry, panic attacks, feeling “out of control”, sleep problems
  • Specific fears (connected with anxiety, fear of death, social anxiety) 
  • Obsessive and/or compulsive thoughts and/or behaviour
  • Individual behavioural intervention programs for adults


  • Feelings of overwhelming sadness, hopelessness, guilt, emptiness and/or increased irritability
  • The feeling of inability to deal with problems
  • Thoughts of death, suicide and self-harm.
  • Physical symptoms that have no medical cause (lack of energy, increased fatigue, sleep problems, increased physical pain, headaches, weight changes)
  • Difficulties concentrating, decision making, and memory
  • Depression connected to specific mourning experience, sadness and/or trauma 

Relationship problems

  • Analysing patterns of unhealthy and/or destructive relationships
  • Difficulties connected to emotional closeness, intimacy, vulnerability and dedication 
  • Challenges of setting up healthy boundaries and expressing personal needs in a relationship
  • Problems connected to distrust and fear of rejection
  • Exaggerated dependency and fear of loneliness
  • Preparation and/or processing the loss of an important relationship 

Personal growth

  • Analysing challenges connected with low self-esteem and personal insecurities
  • Preparation and acceptance of changes, and adjustment to new experiences
  • Strengthening the skills of self-observation, self-thinking, assertiveness and mentalization